Saturday, September 8, 2012

Proudly Tanzania

We are boasting with brilliant designers, who are closing the gaps between what we know about fashion and what we soon coming to know. They use their creativity power and a bit of education to up-rise the local fashion Industry. These people deserve our standing ovation, they rose our flag. Our country is finally been recognised globally. I would like to mention few designers who we respect so much. Ally Rhemtulla,  Mustafa HassanAli, Khadija Mwanamboka, Fatma Amor, Jamila Vera Swai, Zamda George, Asia Idarus, Martin Kadinda, Manju Msita, Escado bird. to mention just a few. Big up to you guys!!! Keep doing what you do best!!!!

There are Stylist or fashion consultants who does amazing job to educate people like me and you. 

RoseMary  Kokuhilwa, Rio Paul,  Sheria Ngowi.... Thank you very much for putting 1+1 = 2.
You guys are doing great jobs. But we should not forget that there are beautiful models, stunning Tanzanian models who paint the true picture of beauty.

Some of these models are just upcomers, some have been there for a while and have done several runways. I totally believe we have better models than all the US and European models put together.
Naomi Campbel and Tyra Banks have got nothing on them.
We wish them all the best, hopefully one day this job will come to pay better and our models will live in big mansion and drive expensive cars from their own pockets not from the sugar papas!!!!

We have sooo many beautiful models and here are few of them

Ellygiva Godwin, Winfrida, Lisa Jensen, Jamila Nyangasa, etc

We've got beauty queens. They are gorgeous, very stylish and they too have carried our Tanzanian flag up high!!!! mh mh! mh.....

Well, perhaps we have to also thank the people who recognised the talents and beauty and they worked hard to pave the way for some of these ladies and made the public notice of them. Maria Sarungi and the Miss University has contributed in opening doors for some girls like Miriam Odemba, Flaviana Matata, Winfrida etc. Mange Kimambi also has done a wonderful job in the search of Wema Sepetu and Nancy and other beauty queens who are doing great.
Therefore Thank you Maria, Thank you Mange! and thank you all other people whom I have not mentioned.