‘It takes real people to achieve real results'

Bang! magazine is your direct connection to an unduplicated audience of genuine executives, young professional men and women and entrepreneurs. These are real men and women- educated, motivated, professionally connected achievers who are confident in their ability to earn what they deserve.

With a circulation of 15,000 copies, Bang! Magazine is a premier lifestyle, fashion and beauty magazine with a purpose of setting the fashion trends as well as educating and inspiring the readers with the best guide to life information.

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Bang! Magazine readers recognize the authenticity of our voice and the real life experiences we bring to them. Bang! magazine is published by RELIM ENTERTAINMENT LTD and our main mission is to educate, entertain and empower our readers to become full participants in wealth creation within the local and global  economy.

Our magazine is available at leading supermarkets, saloons, pharmacies, hotels, airports, universities, boutiques, hospitals, bookshops, internet cafes, fast food joints, street vendors, bus stands, petrol stations, street vendors, salespeople and subscribers.


While most magazines are described as either a window or a mirror, Bang! magazine is both; a reflection of our best selves and a window into possibilities of a better life. Each issue our motivating message, intimate tone and culturally relevant editorial celebrate, inspire, entertain and empower our audience of  75,000 readers ( put in mind a normal house hold will have not less than 5 people)

Bang! speaks to Women and men who are over scheduled and overworked but looking for a little time to spoil themselves, relax and learn a thing or two. We give best articles and images cover to cover. We inspire to strive for better life, celebrate unique beauty, achieve financial and career success, develop healthy relationship and nurture their inner spirit.

Bang! makes people laugh and share information. It is the definitive voice of dynamic East and central African individual.

Emelda Mwamanga
Managing Editor & CEO

A Class of its own.
Leading marketers agree that Bang! is a trusted source for all readers, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

‘ The most successful magazine to date is Bang!, which is designed to emulate one of SouthAfricas most popular monthly magazine’ True Love’. Bang!’s management succeeded in the year under review, to turn the magazine to have not only into the best magazine to have ever graced Tanzania’s news stands, but is certainly one of the best regional magazines both in terms of its content and quality of the newsprint’ Media Council of Tanzania Report 2008.

Our fundamental goal is to educate, entertain, empower and inspire our readers.
Bang! Magazine headquarters are situated in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where in April 2004,  RELIM ENTERTAINMENT LTD launched for the first time in Tanzania.

Mission and Vision

• To be the premier lifestyle, fashion and beauty magazine for Tanzania, by Tanzanians, generating a wealth of information, entertainment and education excellence.

• To be the influential African published magazine, offering realistic solution-oriented content, to inspire Tanzanians.

Keys to Success

• Attaining and retaining targeted readership circulation levels, by being the premier resource magazine in the region
• Increase and grow existing market share with emphasis on providing customized content that appeals to target markets.
• Dynamic Advert platform, allowing Bang! extensive reach, interacting with targeted reader audience.
• Consistently maintain superior quality editorial content in each issue with uncompromising commitment to excellence.


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